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Patti is a creative and motivating trainer. She seems to have a limitless repertoire of exercises and knows how to tailor them to my goals and capabilities. I really appreciate her focus on developing and maintaining balance along with strength.

Helen K.

Training with Patti has improved not only my overall strength, but also my balance and flexibility. Her workouts are always challenging and easy to follow, with a fresh influx of new exercises. Her ability to adapt to the unique challenges of 2020 has been so valuable, as she seamlessly moved training sessions outside and limited equipment as needed while continuing to offer a great workout.

Karen K.

Patti creates fitness routines that are both challenging and sustainable, based on the client's needs and ability. She approaches fitness with joy and skill, and her enthusiasm is infectious. She tailors each workout not only to the needs of the client as a whole, but to their needs on a particular day. She makes working out feel nourishing and fun. I highly recommend her work!

Lindsay P.

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